Your Pizza Oven

Casa Mia Pizza Ovens have been created with the user experience in mind. Our parent company Leisuregrow have been designing and manufacturing barbecues for over 20 years so we know a thing or two about outdoor cooking!Casa Mia uses time-tested technology that’s built to last. With its temperature resistant powder coating and stainless steel surrounds our Pizza Ovens boast high quality materials, the latest in gas technology and user-friendly features.

Setting up the oven

Where to set up? Casa Mia Pizza Ovens should only be used outdoors and should be placed out of reach of children or pets. We recommend purchasing our custom designed pizza oven trolley or using on a table or other raised level platform for safety and ease of use. Also ensure that the area used is clear from flammable materials and other structures as per the diagram opposite. Then you are ready to get started!

Gas Safety

-Before use perform a gas leak check

-Always change over a gas cylinder away from any possible source of ignition in a well ventilated area

-Do not smoke whilst handling gas cylinders

-Never store gas cylinders indoors

-Store away from direct heat in a well ventilated area

-Always keep the gas cylinder in an upright position on a flat surface

-Close cylinder valve when Pizza Oven is not in use and, if available, use a sealing plug to prevent possible leaks

-Do not subject gas cylinder to excessive heat

-Do not tamper with any fitting attached to any gas cylinder. Have it taken to the manufacturer or an authorized testing station

-When the cylinder runs out of gas, have it refilled or swapped at an authorized testing station. They will fill the cylinder to no more than 80% of its capacity. This allows the gas to expand with temperatures

-Have the cylinder inspected EVERY 10 YEARS at an authorized testing station

Connecting to the Gas

Your Pizza Oven is supplied with a hose and 27mm clip-on regulator. Before connecting to your gas cylinder, inspect the hose, its fittings and rubber seals. If there is any sign of cracking, splitting or wear, have the hose replaced - while in use, keep the hose unobstructed and free of kinks and twisting.Any time that you are connecting the gas connections – for example if replacing the regulator, the connection should be tightened with a spanner.

Take care not to over tighten the joints.To attach your regulator to your gas bottle ensure the regulator valve is closed (switch should be horizontal), position over the gas nozzle at the top of the bottle and push down firmly. To turn the regulator on, turn the black switch upwards so it is in a vertical position. To switch off (for when not in use) rotate the switch back to the horizontal position.

Types of Gas

There are different types of gas available to buy from all major hardware stores. Gas bottles come in a variety of sizes. We recommend using a 5kg propane gas bottle with clip on top, but please check with your retailer if you are still unsure.

First time use

With your Pizza Oven assembled, hooked up to the gas and a gas leak check having been performed, you are ready to light it for the first time.

1 Push the control knob in and rotate anti-clockwise to the Hi position. You will hear a ticking noise, this is the electronic ignition creating a spark.

2 Hold the control knob in for 45 seconds then release. The burners will light from the back to the front. Your Pizza Oven should now be lit.

3 If your Pizza Oven extinguishes when releasing the control knob you may need to attempt lighting again. First wait for any unburnt gas to dissipate.For the first time use it is a good idea to rotate the control knob to the Lo position and leave to burn for approx. 30 minutes. This will burn off any residue from the Pizza Oven. You can now choose to use the Pizza Oven as normal or switch it off, ready to use in future.

How to use your Chiminea

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting outside watching warm flames flicker in your chiminea. Whether you choose a wood-burning or gas-powered chiminea it’s important to position your chiminea in a spot that is far from flammable objects, (overhanging branches for example) and if using a wood-burner on decking, it’s advisable to use a fire pad underneath, so that sparks can’t damage your decking.


We recommend taking these easy steps to get a long lasting wood-burning chiminea going for you. Use natural firelighters or kindling to get the fire burning. Once you have some good-sized flames, carefully start adding your wood logs one at a time. Two or three logs burning at one time should be plenty to keep the Casa Mia Chiminea radiating that gorgeous, cosy heat.


Gas heats up quickly and gives a consistent temperature making it the convenient choice when purchasing a chiminea. All of our chimineas come with a clip on regulator, so the gas to purchase is a 9kg propane bottle with a clip on top. Simply connect safely as per our instructions, light and sit back and relax.